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In the current edition (March 2024) – we unveil a new look and feel for Information Matters. Australian Information Commissioner Angelene Falk provides an introduction and discusses the recent Information Awareness Week.  We discuss the National Health (Privacy) Rules  2021 Review, the OAIC's upcoming Privacy Awareness Week campaign, a recent visit from Malaysian delegates to our Sydney office, and provide a series of guidance on freedom of information complaints and investigations.


EditionSummary of contents
FebruaryWe welcomed Freedom of Information Commissioner Elizabeth Tydd and Privacy Commissioner Carly Kind to the agency. Read about our newly published Notifiable Data Breaches report, Safer Internet Day 2024, our consultation on the draft Privacy (Credit Related Research) Rule 2024, and updates to Consumer Data Right (CDR) guidance. Sign up as a supporter for Privacy Awareness Week 2024. Read about updates made to the freedom of information extensions of time agency resource, and changes to information requests relating to practical refusals.
JanuaryInformation about Australia's Third Open Government National Action Plan (NAP3) and the Overview of Cyber Security Obligations for Corporate Leaders guidance booklet, both recently released by the Australian Government. Find out about the summary report for our fourth Consumer Data Right (CDR) privacy assessment published earlier in January, read the new freedom of information agency resource, and learn about Data Privacy Day and our upcoming campaign to mark Privacy Awareness Week in May.


EditionSummary of contents
A message from Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk, and acting Freedom of Information Commissioner Toni Pirani; along with an update on the DP-REG forum website. Details on the Federal Court proceedings against Australian Clinical Labs Limited, an outline of planned privacy assessments for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 financial years, and detail on the 3-commissioner model commencing in 2024. Read about our consultation work remaking the section 95, 95A and 95AA guidelines, and sign up as an early subscriber for Privacy Awareness Week 2024. Learn about our public consultation on the proposed approach to remaking the Privacy (Persons Reported as Missing) Rule 2014.
OctoberThe OAIC's 2022-23 Annual report and digital health annual report, and a summary of our International Access to Information Day campaign. How to sign up as a Privacy Awareness Week 2024 supporter early. About the 2023 Information Publication Scheme (IPS) Review and the status of our consultation on proposed updates to Part 6 of the FOI Guidelines. The Compliance and Enforcement Policy for the Consumer Data Right, and information about recent and upcoming events involving the OAIC. The recently updated Freedom of information investigation outcomes summary table and information on requesting an extension of time from the OAIC.
SeptemberActing Freedom of Information Commissioner Toni Pirani and Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk share their thoughts about the upcoming International Access to Information Day, plus further information about the UNESCO theme for 2023 – the importance of the online space for access to information. Details about our 2023 Information Publication Scheme (IPS) Review, along with more information about recent and upcoming speaking engagements involving the OAIC.
AugustA message from Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk about our recently released Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey. We link to the recently published OAIC Corporate Plan 2023–24, and provide details on our freedom of information consultations and investigation outcomes. We share a joint statement published by the OAIC and 11 of our international data protection and privacy counterparts, plus details about the upcoming International Access to Information Day.
JulyWe share our key takeaways from assessments conducted across the 2022-23 financial year, provide a downloadable security and access policy template for healthcare providers, and an update on our activity in the freedom of information space. We also provide an outline of The Australian Financial Review Government Services Summit that Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk recently attended.
JuneAn update on how to sign up as an early supporter for Privacy Awareness Week 2024, along with links to a series of informative Consumer Data Right videos available on our website. We welcome the appointment of Ms Toni Pirani as interim FOI Commissioner, and share information on two current FOI consultations.
MayIncludes information about the OAIC’s return to the three-Commissioner model and funding received in the Budget, we give our thanks to supporters of Privacy Awareness Week, which ran from 1 to 7 May, and outline details of our consultation on draft revised Information Commissioner review procedure directions, which closes this Friday 2 June.
AprilShares information about the upcoming Privacy Awareness Week, the final principles for a nationally consistent approach to accessing Stolen Generations records published by the Healing Foundation Historical Records Taskforce, details about our submission to the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy Discussion Paper

Discusses our Notifiable Data Breaches Report July to December 2022, Privacy Awareness Week 2023, updates to the regulatory action policy and guide, and recent Information Commissioner decisions.

FebruaryTheme for Privacy Awareness Week 2023 announced, release of the Attorney-General’s Department’s report on the Privacy Act review, an update on the Guide to Regulatory Action, and an outline of the OAIC’s appearance at Senate estimates.
JanuaryInformation about Privacy Awareness Week 2023, draft revised Information Publication Scheme guidance, information on providing feedback on Part 13 of the Freedom of Information Guidelines, a recap on the Association of Information Access Commissioners meeting, a summary of our assessment of 7 accredited persons’ compliance with Privacy Safeguard 1, and a guide to developing a Consumer Data Right policy.


November/DecemberRecognition of the 40th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act 1982, information on the passing of the Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enforcement and Other Measures) Bill 2022 and our new privacy guidance in response, including for not-for-profits and charities.
OctoberThe OAIC's 2021–22 Annual report, a summary of the 2022 International Access to Information Day campaign, Commissioner Angelene Falk’s recently released reports on Consumer Data Right designation instruments, and information on the digital health report.
SeptemberA message from Commissioners Angelene Falk and Leo Hardiman for International Access to Information Day, a report on the 2021 Independent review of the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014 (CR Code), and the latest on our Privacy Safeguard Guidelines consultation.
AugustA security and access policy template to help healthcare providers comply with their obligations under Rule 42 of the My Health Records Rule 2016, an update on the COVIDSafe app, the 2022–23 Corporate plan, best practice advice for registering privacy impact assessments, an update on International Access to Information Day, and information on the Consumer Data Right Privacy Safeguard Guidelines consultation.
JulyGuidance on the retention and deletion of personal information collected during the COVID-19 response, financial hardship information in the credit reporting system, a reminder about FOI Statistics Q4, and information on the Consumer Data Right participant guidance survey.
JuneInformation on the collective priorities for 2022–23, our response to the recent news about facial recognition technology, a reminder about freedom of information statistics returns, information on the requirements around Machinery of Government changes, an update on the new version of the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014, and a list of handy OAIC resources available for privacy officers.
MayA recap on Privacy Awareness Week, a joint statement issued by Australian information access commissioners and privacy authorities that marks National Sorry Day, video guides for rights and obligations when submitting and responding to requests for personal information, information about Open Gov Week, plus a recap on Information Awareness Month.
AprilInformation on the virtual Privacy Awareness Week launch event and Information Awareness Month, key insights from the OAIC’s 2021–22 Assessment Program, and learn about the Global Privacy Assembly’s Digital Citizen and Consumer Working Group that the OAIC co-chairs alongside Canada, plus the new version of the Credit Reporting Code.
MarchThe newly appointed Freedom of Information Commissioner, the OAIC’s Digital Platform Regulators Forum collaboration, changes to the Credit Reporting Code, plus an interview with Commissioner Angelene Falk for International Women’s Day, our new Individual Healthcare Identifier guidance, and an update on our Privacy Awareness Week 2022 campaign.
FebruaryThe OAIC’s appearance at Senate estimates, information on the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme and more about our Privacy Awareness Week 2022 campaign.
JanuaryAustralian Federal Police privacy determination, Data Privacy Day, Privacy Act review, regulator statement of intent, Consumer Data Right guides, COVID-19 guidance and advice, and Safer Internet Day.


November/DecemberCOVID-19 privacy guidance, the Clearview AI privacy determination, new consultation on the Credit Reporting Code, updates on the recent Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities and Global Privacy Assembly events, and information on the Consumer Data Right privacy assessment.
OctoberHighlights from our 2020–21 Annual Report, developments in the Australian Government’s review of the Privacy Act 1988, information on our recent findings against convenience store group 7-Eleven, the importance of protecting children’s privacy during Children’s Week, and more on the work we’re doing internationally.
SeptemberInformation access in the spotlight for International Access to Information Day, the release of new Open by Design Principles, our Commissioner’s ICON address, updates to COVID-19 guidance, and information on our international engagement.
AugustKey findings from our latest Notifiable Data Breaches Report, our Corporate Plan 2021–22,  International Access to Information Day, the latest COVID-19 guidance and advice, Data-matching Rules, and  our new Consumer Data Right videos.
JulyThe Uber privacy determination, My Health Record emergency access guidance, international regulatory cooperation and collaboration, and the International Access to Information Day campaign.
JuneInformation on the government-wide audit of privacy impact assessment registers, the publication of our second COVIDSafe Privacy Report and the findings from our first COVIDSafe assessment, and the Consumer Data Right marks a major milestone heading into the new financial year.
MayCommissioner Angelene Falk provides an update, our recent international work, and our current consultations and Information Commissioner review decisions.
AprilCalls for feedback on a draft Information Commissioner review direction for applicants and an update to the Data-Matching Program (Assistance and Tax) Guidelines 1994, our latest ICON webinar, and our e-learning course for Australian Government agencies, Privacy in Practice.
MarchThe Privacy Awareness Week campaign website and other events including our next ICON webinar, Information Awareness Month and Open Data Day.
FebruaryPrivacy guidance for employers on the collection of staff vaccination status, Guide to Securing Personal Information, details on Privacy Awareness Week 2021, Commissioner-initiated investigation into the Department of Home Affairs, and Consumer Data Right updates.
JanuaryNotifiable Data Breaches Report, the Department of Home Affairs privacy determination, Data Privacy Day, Safer Internet Day, and Consumer Data Right resources.


November/DecemberOur submission on the Australian Government’s review of the Privacy Act 1988, our recent Flight Centre determination, updates from the Global Privacy Assembly and Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities Forum, the publication of our first 6-month report on the privacy protections in the COVIDSafe app, and our 2019–20 Annual Report on the provision of privacy services to the Australian Capital Territory.
OctoberDetails on the Privacy Act review, Annual Report 2019–20, regulatory cooperation, a Consumer Data Right milestone, and Children’s Week.
SeptemberAustralian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2020, International Access to Information Day, FOI Essentials, Facebook ruling, information on when to conduct a privacy impact assessment, and exposure draft of the Data Availability and Transparency Bill.
AugustCorporate Plan 2020–21, International Access to Information Day, regulatory cooperation, memorandums of understanding, disclosure of public servants’ personal information in response to freedom of information requests, Scams Awareness Week, Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2020, and COVID-19 resources.
JulyNotifiable Data Breaches report, OAIC and UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office joint investigation, an open letter to video teleconferencing companies reminding them of their obligations to comply with the law and handle people’s information responsibly, COVID-19 resources, Consumer Data Right is here, a step-by-step guide to accessing government information, and updates to the Freedom of Information Guidelines.
JuneCOVID-19 resources, Consumer Data Right is coming, regulatory cooperation, new freedom of information resources – finding requested documents, and updates to the Freedom of Information Guidelines.
MayPrivacy oversight of COVIDSafe app, Consumer Data Right update, Information Awareness Month and COVID-19 record keeping, regulatory cooperation, Privacy Awareness Week 2020, and the Privacy Impact Assessment Tool.
AprilPrivacy Awareness Week 2020, PAW events, the COVIDSafe app, privacy in practice for agency staff, Information Awareness Month, frequently asked questions about freedom of information and COVID-19, access to information during the pandemic, and new COVID-19 privacy resources.
MarchCOVID-19 privacy and freedom of information (FOI) resources, Commissioner launches Federal Court action against Facebook, FOI SmartForms updated, and Privacy Awareness Week 2020.
FebruaryNotifiable Data Breaches Report, action plan for health service providers, Consumer Data Right update, appointment of new Assistant Commissioner, and information on an upcoming ICON session.
JanuaryPrivacy Awareness Week 2020, Consumer Data Right update, regulatory cooperation, freedom of information statistics reminder, Safer Internet Day, and the Credit Reporting Code variation approved.