We surveyed over 1,900 Australian adults to build a picture around privacy attitudes and experiences in Australia as a part of our Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023.

In this video, 3 Australians share their concerns about how the personal information of children is protected.

Children’s privacy

Speaker 1: Gathering my children’s data, selling it. That doesn’t feel right, it’s unethical.

Speaker 2: Organisations do that? I mean children’s privacy is … that’s probably more important than an adult’s privacy because a child has no protection.

Speaker 3: I am concerned about my children’s personal information. How long will it stay out there and then how will that be manipulated?

Speaker 2: So you’ve gotta trust an organisation to be socially responsible to kids, and you just hope they are.

Speaker 1: I worry about my children being an easy target, that’s why I think it’s more important for them because they’re probably not capable enough to protect themselves.

Speaker 3: Kids are using parents’ phones. I see them driving around in prams and they can pretty much get into anything.

Speaker 1: I worry about their privacy and how best to manage it.

Speaker 2: I don’t think organisations should have access for a start and they definitely shouldn’t be sharing it.

Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023: oaic.gov.au/acaps