We surveyed over 1,900 Australian adults to build a picture around privacy attitudes and experiences in Australia as a part of our Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023.

In this video, 5 Australians share their views on what privacy means to them.

What does privacy mean to you?

Speaker 1: What it means to me is…

Speaker 2: Oooh.

Speaker 3: I’m not sure.

Speaker 4: Uhhhm.

Speaker 5: Hmm.

Speaker 2: I don’t really think about it.

Speaker 1: Protecting the most critical bits.

Speaker 3: Tape the camera shut.

Speaker 2: I mean I am on camera right now.

Speaker 4: Um, like try to have different passwords here and there.

Speaker 2: If I change it I’ll forget it.

Speaker 3: I do not always pay attention to privacy policies.

Speaker 1: It’s too difficult to read the fine print.

Speaker 5: I know it has to be visible, or certain details have to be visible, to get along in this world.

Speaker 4: I feel like I like know enough to be safe but like, you could always know more.

Speaker 3: Of course I’m concerned about protecting my information online. I just don’t know much about it.

Speaker 1: You can’t be too safe. I mean this is the world we live in.

Speaker 2: I guess maybe I don’t think about it enough now that you ask that.

Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023: oaic.gov.au/acaps