We surveyed over 1,900 Australian adults to build a picture around privacy attitudes and experiences in Australia as a part of our Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023.

The survey shows that in 2023, Australians view data breaches and scammers as the top privacy risks they face.

In this video, 5 Australians discuss their feelings about these risks and other privacy concerns they have.

Privacy risks

Speaker 1: I know I have to accept this new IT world but I’m still sceptical of it because of what can happen.

Speaker 2: Uh, I’ve definitely considered the risks.

Speaker 3: Hackers out there in some random place in the world and of course if they get hold of it, I realise how much pain they could inflict.

Speaker 4: If my privacy was breached, of course it’s gonna freak me out.

Speaker 5: They know those preferences that I have from code someone’s written.

Speaker 2: You invest a lot into, like, your online presence.

Speaker 5: I do worry about the fact that an algorithm controls all of that. There’s no human room for judgement there.

Speaker 4: The biggest risk to my privacy. Well, knowing everything about me, facial recognition scares me. It’s good when I wanna open my phone quickly. I mean, people can, you can get tracked anywhere.

Speaker 1: Which then gives them access into all your private matters.

Speaker 3: The data breaches is what worries me because I did not sign up for that.

Speaker 1: And they can impersonate you, which is really scary.

Speaker 3: We’re living in a dangerous world and I wish there was more protection out there.

Speaker 2: I have the right to have my own happiness, my own peace of mind, my own, like, comfort online and everything.

Speaker 5: Ha, please don’t hack me.

Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2023: oaic.gov.au/acaps