The Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census is an annual confidential survey of APS employees that collects their views on the APS, their agency and their workplace on issues such as employee engagement, wellbeing and performance; leadership; communication; and innovation. The census helps Australian Government agencies, as well as the Australian Public Service Commission, to identify areas that need improving.

OAIC employees have taken part in the census since it commenced in 2012.

We value our employees’ feedback as we continue to build our capabilities in areas such as learning and development, internal communication, and health and wellbeing.

Census highlight reports



Census action plan

Priority 3 under APS reform requires an agency to make public their 2023 census agency-level report (the highlights report above) and an accompanying action plan. Census results are valuable. They provide an agency with an opportunity to reflect on the way they work and to effect change.

To make the most of opportunities presented by our 2023 census results the OAIC has initiated a program of work to embed changes in a Census Roadmap that sets out:

  • what our people told us we can improve
  • what we are going to do in response
  • how we plan to do that
  • who will lead the work
  • a timeframe for completion.

The Census Roadmap is the OAIC’s action plan. It will be a living document but amended as required, and will be based on contemporaneous needs and ongoing employee feedback, such as the OAIC’s regular ARRIVAL, STAY and EXIT surveys.