Gifts and benefits register

Our register shows all gifts and benefits received from 18 October 2019 which exceed $100 (excluding GST) in value.

Date receivedDate recordedGift item / benefit / serviceReceived byPresented by (giver's name, organisation, country)OccasionEstimated value in $A (wholesale value in country of origin or current market value in Australia)
19-20 Financial year21/01/2020Membership for Chairman's Lounge AccessAustralian Information CommissionerQantas AirlinesNot applicableNot applicable



Chocolates and disk drive

David Stevens

Barun ICT Research Centre, Yonsei University, Korea

APEC Conference


Current as at 30 April 2022.​​​

No gifts or benefits were accepted valued at over $AUD100.00 (excluding GST) in the 30 April 2022 reporting period.